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To build internationally competitive comprehensive gas company
  • 2003Set up
  • 2020Listed
  • 26Molecular company

Hubei Heyuan Gas Co., LTD. (Stock code: 002971) was established in November 2003 and listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 2020. Its main shareholders include Hubei Communication Group, Changjiang Securities, Yang Tao, etc. It is now a national high-tech enterprise. The company has been committed to providing Air products with researching, producing , sales and service ,including the recovery and recycling of industrial exhaust gas.

Up to now, the company has 26 branches and subsidiaries, and its terminal sales network has spread across the country,widely serving the basic industries such as chemical, iron and steel, food, home appliances and machinery, as well as new industries such as semiconductor, new energy and biomedicine. After more than 20 yearsof development, the com-pany has become a leading integrated gas company in China.

The company always adheres to the concept of innovation leading development, focuses closely on the core technolo-gies of gas synthesis, separation, purification and cryogenic, increases the introduction and training of talents,increases the investment in R&D, and strives together with upstream and downstream partners and scientific research institutes,to continuously extend and expand in the fields of R&D and production in the following areas,such as electronic specialty gases , electronic chemicals, electronic-grade ultra-pure bulk gases, silicon-based functional new materials, as well as large-scale air separation support, rare gas extraction, industrial tail gas recovery and purification, liquid nitrogen freezing technology application, standard gas preparation, etc., and devotes itself to building Heyuan Gas into a compre hensive gas company with international competitiveness.

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