• Transportation service
  • Analysis and test center
  • Technology and R&D
  • Environmental and safety
    Transportation service
    It is equipped with more than 200 professional hazardous chemical transportation vehicles for various products and has a logistics team with excellenttechnology, excellent style and standardized behavior, and has built a perfect logistics and distribution system, which can fully meet the safe and timely distribution needs of customers.
    Over the years, the company has insisted on promoting logistics management by means of information technology, 24-hour full monitoring on vehicles and gas supply facilities, and supervising transportation services online from customer orders, distribution arrangement, in-transit management to on-site arrival , so as to provide customers with the best quality transportation services.
    Analysis and Testing Center
    The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification and ISO 45001 : 2018 occupational health and safety management system certification; the company has been nominated for the Yichang Three Gorges Quality Award and the Huanggang Dabie Mountain Quality Award.
    With an investment of more than 100 million yuan, Heyuan Gas has established an international first-class analysis and testing center, equipped with professional analysis and testing equipment such as ICP-MS, ICP-OES, GC-MS, HALO CRDS optical cavity decay spectrometer, HPDD helium ionization chromatography analyzer, FT-IR, HP-LC high performance liquid chromatography, UV spectrophotometer, P2O5 trace water analyzer, etc. It has established quality management systems and analysis and testing teams for various industrial gases, electronic specialty gases and electronic chemicals, and silicon-based functional new materials, and is equipped with more than 20 professional quality management and analysis and testing personnel.
    Technology and R&D
    Huyuan Gas isanational high-tech enterprise anda demonstration construction enterprise of intellectualproperty rights. Thecompany has a technology and R&Dcenter with more than 60pro fessional R&D personnel, including3 doctors and 12 masters. It is mainly dedicatedto thetechnology application andproductdevelopment of electronic specialtygas and electronic chemicals and siliconbased functionalnewmaterials in the national strategic emerging industries. The company has applied for and obtained more than 200 invention patents and utility model patents at present.
    Heyuan Gas cooperates closely with famous universities such as Beijing University of ChemicalTechnology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hubei University, Wuhan University of Engineering and Three Gorges Universityto improveitstechnology and R&Dstrength, andconducts R&Dbreakthroughs in the direction of electronic specialtygas and electronic chemicals and siliconbased functionalnewmaterials.It iscommittedto solving theproblem of domestickeymaterials,breaking the monopoly of foreign companies and realizingdomestic substitution.
    Environment and Safety
    Heyuan Gas always adheresto the Safetycentered managementconcept,strictly implementsnational safety and environmentalprotectionregulations, policies andstandards, and abidesbyitsresponsi-bilitiesto society. Through the implementation of "13579" safety management mode, thecompany continuouslystrengthens the sense of safety responsibilityfor all employees,establishesa sound safety management system,pays closeattentionto the implementation of safety management, and continuously improves the safety management level of the company.Thecompany has introduced andtrained more than 30 full-time safety management personnel in the field of chemical and dangerous chemicals, including2provincial safetyexperts,6 municipal safetyexperts and 18nationalregistered safety engineers, creatinga safety managementteam with highprofessionallevel andstrong business ability.While doingagood job in thecompany'sown safety, Heuan Gascooperates withits upstream anddownstreampartners in the whole chain and the wholeprocessto create a safe production and operating environment together.
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